Bring in books to exchange!

Trade Credit Policy

We have a 1 for 1 plus 50% discount from the current price. 

This means a mass market book with the publisher's price at $10.00 would be sold for $5.00. With trade credit, the book would be $2.50.

Book Buying

At this time, we are not purchasing books. 

Books we are looking for:

  • classics 
  • contemporary literature
  • non fiction
  • history
  • biographies
  • recent art & photo books
  • young adult
  • horror
  • true crime
  • philosophy
  • fashion
  • recent cookbooks
  • recent diet books

Book condition we accept: (we want only the best for you!)

Books in good or great condition. 

Hardbacks with their dust jackets. 

Binding is in good condition and all pages intact. 

Book conditions we do not acccept:

  • torn or missing pages
  • missing covers or dust jackets
  • with odors
  • with broken binding 
  • with highlighting or writing
  • taped covers or interior pages
  • ex-library books
  • with labels or stickers 
  • binding that has a right slant or is cupped

Depending on current stock, we may not accept additional copies.